U.S. investors

Life Science companies need sophisticated investors with backgrounds in science and a long time-horizon. With over 25 years of experience, GAP Ventures has an extensive network of funds, family offices, and private investors – who look to us for deal flow in their target sector areas.  

We target only interested investors and communicate the unique value of the investment opportunity.   Our personal network of relationships and knowledge of in capital markets brings investors to the table that share your vision and business goals. Allowing you more time to concentrate on developing your technology and business rather than fundraising.

  • Formulate financial strategy and fundraising materials
  • Representation at U.S.-based meetings
  • Introductions to interested investors
  • Facilitate follow-up meetings and negotiations

We understand that fundraising can be an expensive, time-consuming and distracting process for Management.    With local representation based in New York City, GAP Ventures personally  promotes your business opportunity to investors and provides on-site representation of clients at meetings and other forums.

Funding Sources