Selection Criteria



GAP Ventures takes an asset-based approach toward investing in life science product development.  We start with the basics, strong science and a careful review of technology, regulatory, and commercial risk, and look for opportunities that offer the prospect of significant value inflection over 24-36 month time horizon with attractive risk adjusted returns.

We look for the strong fundamentals, good science and innovative technology, and work with entrepreneurs and executive management to advance commercial product development

We work with small companies, scientists, entrepreneurs, and university tech transfer offices to assess the viability of a proposed product profile combined with the studies and data to deliver key milestones in accordance with regulatory and industry standards.

At a minimum, we require:

  • A life science technology application that fulfills an unmet need
  • Lead drug candidate and/or biomaterials characterized
  • Strong non-clinical in vitro and in vivo animal data\
  • Intellectual Property

After a careful assessment of the opportunity and the capital requirements for funding the development program, we structure business relationships that address the short and long term goals of both investors and innovators.